Bais Din Darchei Shalom

Network of Orthodox Jewish Courts


BDDS Network currently offers Beis Din services at regional locations, as well as through on-site visits or remote access (via online meeting services). 

Choose from one of our locations or services below, or call to schedule an on-site or on-line hearing of your case.

BDDS NJ Regional Beis Din

Under the direction of:

Harav Chanoch Saltz

Dayan & Rosh Kollel Even Haezer of Lakewood

Harav Mordechai Fuchs 

Dayan & Rosh Kollel, Bais Havaad

Harav Yitzchak Semah

Safra Ddayna / Rabbinical Secretary

Tel: 234-201-8022 / Cell: 732-995-0091

New Jersey Office Address: 120 Hudson St. Lakewood NJ 08701

BDDS NY Regional Beis Din

Under the direction of:

Harav Yechiel Rothchild 

Dayan & Rosh Kollel, Business Kollel Network

Tel: 347-709-0076

NY Office Address: 44 Bennett Ave Apt 5B, NY, NY 10033

BDDS Midwest & National

Under the direction of:

Harav Eliezer Cohen

Dayan & Rosh Kollel, Kollel Choshen Mishpot of NJ & Ohio

Tel: 234-400-9900

Ohio Office Address: 1871 S. Taylor Rd.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 44118


You may contact our professionals at (234) 201-8022